Smoke on Your Gas Grill !
Quick & Easy Way To Smoke 
Meats Without a Smoker!
 Why Spend Hundreds on a Smoker when Smoke & Awe is only $40
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Why Smoke & Awe?
Convenient And Quick
With the Smoke & Awe you can start smoking food on your gas grill in under 5 minutes! There is no lengthy start up process or need to soak wood chips! Pick your favorite variety of wood chips and start smoking. Conveniently refillable for extented smoking times required for brisket, pork shoulders, ribs and other cuts of meat.
Great Smoke Flavor
Add great smoked taste to your food on gas grills unlike current grilling techniques. Your food will taste like it was smoked in a dedicated smoker for a fraction of the price and effort!
Why Performance Is Superior
It works!!!  Smoke & Awe produces an abundant amount of smoke independent of the gas grill burners. This enables you to use the grill to regulate the cooking temperature and smoke at a low temperature for an extended time. Conventional smoke boxes and aluminum foil pouches require high grill heat and burners to maintain smoke.
Uses Dry Wood Chips
Unlike the traditional gas grill smoking methods that use aluminum foil pouches or smoke boxes there is no need to soak your wood chips and use high grill temperatures.
Patented Technology
Smoke and Awe was granted a US patent for it's novel approach to managing airflow through the body of the smoker which produces a smoldering fire and an abundant amount of smoke. This design enables control of smoke production independently of grilling temperature which is not possible with current gas grill smoking methods and techniques.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Smoke and awe is guaranteed to produce smoke when used according to directions.  If Smoke and Awe does not produce smoke when used according to directions you will receive a money back guarantee.  
Time to start adding a flavor to your food that you never thought possible on a gas grill
What Our Customers Have To Say...
Austin Kemper

"I've been in the market for a smoker for a few years now and could just never pull the trigger because the price just wasn't in my budget. I stumbled upon Smoke & Awe and once I found out I could turn my gas grill into a smoker for just $40 I was sold."
Adam Childs
"The Smoke & Awe gives me the ability to control the temperature that I'm cooking at while still getting that great smoke flavor!"
Chris Eyer
"I really wanted to step it up and add a new accessory to my grilling arsenal. Then I met the Smoke & Awe guys at a local festival and now I'm adding flavors to my food I never thought you could get on a gas grill."
There is Only One Real Way to Smoke on a Gas Grill!
Traditional methods for smoking on a gas grill just haven't shown positive results. Smoke & Awe actually works and the proof is in the taste! #TasteTheAwe
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